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Digistar3 syntax Definition File for TextPad 4

How to use?

  1. Download TextPad 4 ( and install.
  2. Copy digistar3.syn to c:\program files\textpad 4\samples (use your TextPad program file path).
  3. Run TextPad.
  4. Configure -> New Document Class
  5. For "Document class name" enter something you like, e.g. "Digistar3 Script" => press Next.
  6. Class members are file extensions to be specified using wildcards, e.g. "*.sft" => press Next.
  7. "Enable syntax highlighting" should be checked. For the syntax definition file pick digistar3.syn from the dropdown selection. => press Next. - => press Finish.
  8. Configure -> Preferences -> Document Classes -> Digistar3 Script -> Colors
  9. For Keywords 1-6 choose colors to your liking, but take care not to choose colors that are already in use, e.g. for comments or strings.

ESVideo syntax Definition File for TextPad 4 (for .dvp files)

How to use?

Have fun creating D3 scripts or ESVideo files using TextPad. I you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Jürgen Rienow SoftUp computer applications