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Ensure you have inserted the right hard disk for backup


In Kiel we have 64 hard drives for the digistar. We have 4 sets of 2x8 drives. In every set, each GP has two hard drives. Once a week, we do a complete backup of the current used set of 16 hard drives to an other set. We use a floppy disk with the Norton/Symantec Ghost 2003 MS-Dos application (because this fits on one floppy disk). Unfortunately the IDE-controller sometimes does not identify the hard drives correct with the "cable select" method. We had this problem several time and then the original was overwritten with the backup :-( So I write this little tool HDIDENT.EXE, to be sure, that the hard disk do match.

How to use?

All you need is a Windows 98 formated MS-Dos-Disk and the two programs "ghost.exe" and "gdisk.exe", which came with Norton Ghost 2003 Just copy HDIdent.exe to the disk and use the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files from this directory. (See dir.txt for details of the floppy disk, because of the copyright to Norton ghost, we can not provide this programs here) The check your serial numbers form your hard drives and note them to hdlist.txt After that, you can be sure, that you have attached the right hard drive in your digistar for backup!

Copyright notice:

All users fo the digistar 3 community may use this programs free of charge. You may download them, distribute them, but not change or decompile them. The copyright remains at the university of applied sciences in Kiel, Germany. You use the programs at your own risk!


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