Game control:

Game control with joystick or keyboard. Below the control functions:

Key Joystick Function
Press "cursor left" Move left Move the menu selection box to the left
Turn the air flow anticlockwise
Press "cursor right" Move right Turn the air flow clockwise
Move the menu selection box to the right
Press "cursor up" Move up Move the menu selection box up
Press "cursor down" Move down Move the menu selection box down
Space & Enter Button Menu selection
Activate air flow
ESC - Skip text / music
F9 - Reduce volume by 5%
F10 - Increase volume by 5%
ALT-Q - Quit game

After the game has been played completely, the final scene fades to a black screen. By pressing the space bar, ENTER or the joystick button, you will get to a menu where you can restart the game or quit. If you play the game within a show presentation, it is helpful to quit the game alternatively by pressing ALT-Q so that you won´t have any more selection sounds.